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About ACFP

About Australian Community Futures Planning

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Australian Community Futures Planning was founded in March 2020 by Bronwyn Kelly, author of:


  • By 2050: Planning a better future for our children in 21st Century democratic Australia; and

  • The People's Constitution: the path to empowerment of Australians in a 21st century democracy

ACFP is an independent non-profit entity established for the purpose of encouraging greater participation by Australians in planning their long term future within a 21st century democracy.


ACFP has no affiliation with any political party inside or outside Australia. It receives no political party funding and no funding from any source other than in-kind commitments from volunteers.

ACFP is focused on helping Australians plan for the long term, for our safety, security, wellbeing and prosperity and for the preservation of the environment on which all of that depends. It fosters planning by the community for the community.

About the Founder of ACFP

About the Founder
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Dr Bronwyn Kelly is an Australian researcher and writer on public policy, specialising in long term integrated planning for Australia’s society, environment, economy and democracy and in systems of governance for nation states.  


Prior to founding ACFP Dr Kelly was a public sector professional for thirty years in the Senior Executive Service of state and local government in New South Wales (1984-2014). Her experience traversed government sector reform, policy development, profitable management of government commercial trading enterprises, utilities operation, environmental and scientific management and integrated long term community strategic planning. She held senior positions in Sydney Water, Australian Water Technologies, the NSW Government Cabinet Office, and was a senior policy advisor to a state government minister in NSW. As a Director of Corporate and Technical Services in local government for fifteen years, she pioneered innovative and best practice implementation of Integrated Planning & Reporting – a legislated form of community futures planning operating in local government in several states of Australia.


Dr Kelly is the author of:



She is also the lead author on Australia’s first long term integrated community futures plan, Australia Together, co-author of The State of Australia 2022: End of Term Report, 46th Parliament of Australia and creator/presenter of several videocast series including The State of Australia in 2020, The State of Australia 2022, Snapshots from Australia Together, and the five-part lecture series, What is National Integrated Planning and Reporting? These publications are accessible on this website.

Dr Kelly's PhD is from Sydney University in 1985 in history of systems of thought. Her doctoral thesis was The Textual Mandate: the authorisation of the logic of deterrence in Western philosophy since Descartes, an exploration of humanity's fear of death and extinction in the nuclear age.

​Dr Kelly was an Honorary Professional Fellow at the University of Technology Sydney in the Institute for Public Policy and Governance from 2014 to 2021.


Support and volunteering at ACFP

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ACFP is run by contributions of expertise from volunteers including:

  • Dr David Kelly, the Executive Director, Editorial and Production,

  • Sean Kelly, Data Analyst and Public Health Strategist, and

  • Dr Bronwyn Kelly, Founder.

For inquiries regarding internships, contact Dr Kelly at

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