Welcome to participation with Australians in building Australia Together

Australian Community Futures Planning - ACFP - has designed a process that can bring Australians together for the first time to plan a better future for:


  • our society

  • our environment

  • our economy and

  • our governance.

Australians have never done this before.  The plan they can build is called Australia Together. ​Any Australian can become involved in building Australia Together, including school children. Click here to find out more about Australia Together.


ACFP is providing the coordination process for Australia Together by establishing a centre of excellence in National Integrated Planning & Reporting or National IP&R. This is totally new in Australia. Click here to find out more about National IP&R.

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Click here to view the latest draft of

Australia Together


How to become involved in building Australia Together

Between 2020 and 2022, ACFP will be in start up phase. But while it is growing there will be multiple opportunities for involvement in building Australia Together including:

  • providing comments and suggestions about the Vision for Australia Together,

  • providing comments or suggestions about the Directions for Australia Together,

  • providing suggestions on Targets and Strategies for Australia Together, or

  • simply watching Australia Together being built.

ACFP has designed a  Community Engagement Program for Australia Together which provides a time sequence for when each of these activities will be open. The sequence works in a cycle with three stages, aligned to the Australian federal election cycle. Click here to view the Community Engagement Program for Australia Together and find out more about the three stages.


Opportunities for suggestions will open periodically throughout the cycle. The first suggestion opportunities will be focused on refining:


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Click here to read the full

Community Engagement Program for

Australia Together

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Where are we now in the Community Engagement Program?

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Update, July 2022

Prior to the federal election in May 2022, ACFP completed a full cycle of National IP&R.

A new cycle will commence in early 2023.

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Suggestions for Australia Together

Would you like to comment on or add ideas to Australia Together

ACFP is gearing up to be able to incorporate changes to Australia Together and to continuously build a stronger plan that will gather widespread support over time. Therefore, ACFP's ability to respond to suggestions about Australia Together will be limited for the time being.

Nevertheless, suggestions are welcome, especially suggestions about:


  • ideas not covered in the Vision and Directions for Australia Together, and

  • sources of data for inclusion in the Wellbeing Index being established for the plan.


The Wellbeing Index being built for Australia Together is the nation's first consolidated set of measures for the health of our society, environment, economy and democracy relevant to the plan for Australia Together. It is the first consolidated index capable of measuring the nation's progress towards or away from the Vision of this particular plan. You can read more about the Wellbeing Index for Australia Together in the Community Engagement Program for Australia Together here

ACFP is is start-up phase from 2020 to 2022 and has limited resources.


To ensure that all suggestions and comments about

Australia Together

can be given proper attention, comment periods will be opened up and closed in stages. 

If you have subscribed for updates you will be automatically notified whenever a comment period is opened up or closed down.

Want to make suggestions on Australia Together?

Complete online

suggestion forms for Community Submissions

when a comment period is open.

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We have it in our power to create the world anew