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Loving Australia - Art, Photography & Music

Australia is a stunningly beautiful, entirely unique land and Australians are free to value their home because, for the moment at least, we live in a democracy and we can and do share an appreciation of that beauty. 


As we build our plan for Australia Together over the years, it will be inspirational if we are able to remind ourselves of what it is we love about Australia and what we want to keep.

At ACFP we hope that art, photography and music will play a big part in that. ​


Photography, video and music composition on this site are by Bronwyn and David Kelly.

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Click here to watch, "'My Country' in song" - Dorothea MacKellar's iconic poem set to music by ACFP's Founder, Bronwyn Kelly.

"My Country" was first published in 1908 under the title "Core of My Heart". Over 100 years later, in 2017, another profound statement of heartfelt connection to country was published in the Uluru Statement from the Heart. This setting of Dorothea's poem to music is dedicated to the possibility that as we read and cherish the one, so may we read and cherish the other.

ACFP commits to working to promote Makarrata - the coming together after a struggle - through all drafts of Australia Together, Australia's first integrated, long term, community futures plan. To participate in building Australia Together click here.

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Evening at the Stawell Bowling Club

13. DSC_8271 - Copy - Copy - Copy.JPG
18. DSC_8284 - Copy - Copy.JPG
19. DSC_8283 - Copy - Copy - Copy.JPG
11. DSC_8222 - Copy.JPG

Morning on the Cudgegong

Mudgee, NSW

108 - Copy.JPG
103a - Copy.JPG
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Click here for Snapshots from

Australia Together

The man on the modern cathedral

Cape Nelson, Victoria

7.DSC_8829 - Copy - Copy.JPG
8. DSC_8817 - Copy - Copy - Copy.JPG
15. DSC_8839 - Copy - Copy.JPG

Griffiths Island

Port Fairy, Victoria

6. DSC_0065 - Copy.JPG
629 - Copy.JPG
Island_142 - Copy.JPG
9. DSC_0068 - Copy.JPG

Megalong Valley, NSW

Sunrise picks out one tree.

187 - Copy.JPG

The apples at Orange, NSW

DSC_0252 - Copy.JPG
DSC_0683 - Copy.JPG
DSC_0250 - Copy.JPG

The red centre - Uluru to Kata Juta

10 - IMG_6914.jpeg
7 - DSC_2946 - Copy.JPG
11 - IMG_6915 - Copy.jpeg

The red centre - Tjoritja - Standley Chasm to Simpsons Gap

4 - IMG_7166.jpeg
8c - DSC_3377-a.JPG
23 - DSC_3348.JPG

Unmistakably, Canberra

108d - Copy.JPG
110a - Copy.JPG


71 - Copy.jpg


C - Park  (36) - Copy.JPG
1050 - Copy.JPG

The walk from The Pinnacle

Hall's Gap, Victoria

Photo: David Kelly

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