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ACFP publishes research, reports, media articles and submissions to government inquiries into issues affecting the future wellbeing and security of Australians.  

Major publications can be accessed via the links provided below.

People's Constitution

The People's Constitution: the path to empowerment of Australians in a 21st century democracy

First published, January 2023

The People’s Constitution offers Australians a safe path towards their empowerment in democracy by showing how they can add their voices to their votes. It shows how they can dramatically but efficiently increase their influence in their own governance by creating clear terms of trust with those they elect to positions of power. It also shows how, in the process, they can secure a far better future for every Australian.

The People's Constitution:

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AU$34.99 including postage anywhere in Australia.

The People's Constitution is available in bookstores.

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Read a short summary: About The People's Constitution.

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Hyperlinks to Appendices in the Kindle version of The People's Constitution

Extract from Chapters 5, 6 & 7 of The People's Constitution

Extract from Chapter 6 of The People's Constitution

Insights from Chapter 6 of The People's Constitution

State of Australia 2022
The State of Australia 2022: End of Term Report, 46th Parliament of Australia
First published, March 2022

Prior to the end of each federal parliament's term of office, ACFP releases a report on the performance of the parliament in making the Vision for Australia Together a Reality.


The State of Australia 2022 is the first such report.

Click here to find more about The State of Australia 2022.

Click here to download The State of Australia 2022


By 2050
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By 2050 

Available on Kindle from Amazon  AU$11.99.

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By 2050

By 2050: Planning a better future for our children in 21st century democratic Australia
First published - March 2020

At ACFP we are using a new community engagement and planning framework called National Integrated Planning & Reporting or National IP&R to create:


Australia's first National Community Futures Plan -

Australia Together.


By 2050 establishes that framework and methodology. It establishes a base of excellence in planning for the society, environment, economy and governance Australians want by 2050.


By 2050 also functions as an issues paper for Australia - a consolidated picture of our position in 2020 and the challenges we are facing as a nation that will need to be resolved if we are to make our particular Vision for a better future a reality by 2050. 

Extracts from By 2050 are available on the blog for this website.

By 2050 is available in paperback by email order.

Click here to order By 2050 in paperback for $45 including postage anywhere in Australia.

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