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Acknowledging contributors to Australia Together

Australia Together is growing into a strong long term plan consolidating in one place, for the first time:

  • baseline indicators of our current wellbeing as a nation, and

  • the Targets and Strategies we will need if we are to follow the safest routes to make the Vision and Directions for Australia Together a reality by 2050 or sooner.  


Hundreds of thoughtful agencies and individuals, through the research they have made freely available, have made it possible to establish this assembly of community intelligence.


Many of these sources of information will not realise that their work has been vital to Australia Together - but it has.


acfp especially wishes to thank these individuals and agencies

for the work they have done.

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It’s now up to we the people to engage with this research and work together to refine Australia's first national community futures plan plan.

Click here or on the picture to see major sources, helpers and contributors.

Note: No financial donations have been made by any listed contributors or others. Nor have they been requested.

We have it in our power to create the world anew

Tom Paine, 1776

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