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Welcome to the Australia Together National Wellbeing Index

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Australia Together is a plan for a better Australia currently in draft form. It houses the Australia Together National Wellbeing Index - a large collection of data about:


  • the current health of Australia's society, environment, economy and democracy and

  • targets for improving that health by 2050 or sooner.

The Index is a work in progress and is continually being updated to ensure Australians have the data they need to be able to monitor the nation's progress towards a better level of wellbeing and a more resilient and secure future.


At last count, the Index contained baseline and target data on over 270 indicators of the wellbeing of Australians and the country, making it the largest consolidated wellbeing index of its kind.

Reports on trends in wellbeing based on the data are produced just before federal parliamentary elections to help Australians assess the competence of their governments in relation to the Vision and targets of Australia Together.   

The Australia Together National Wellbeing Index is unique in that it looks both forward and backward in time.

ACFP engages with the Australian government on matters relating to wellbeing and best practice in construction of wellbeing indexes for use in long term national integrated planning and reporting.

Read the full essay in reply to Jim Chalmers here.

Listen to the full essay here on ACFP's YouTube podcasts.

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