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The State of Australia

From time to time, ACFP provides summary reporting on statistics about the health and wellbeing of Australia as a nation and a country. Major reports on this are released at the end of each term of federal parliament and just before an election under the title of The State of Australia.

The intention is to co-locate key statistics so that Australians can get a fuller picture of how well Australia is doing in terms of:


  • social cohesion and equity;

  • environmental amenity and sustainability;

  • economic growth, development and sustainability;

  • open governance and democracy; and

  • responsible international citizenry. 

These statistics do not exist elsewhere in an easily accessible single space.

Over the decade to 2030, ACFP hopes to build balanced pictures of whether Australians as a nation are moving towards or away from their preferred future.

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Reports on The State of Australia are the only consolidated reports available to Australians on whether, during the life of a parliament, Australia moved closer to a better future in matters that are important to Australians.

  • The State of Australia 2022 was released in March 2022.

  • The State of Australia 2025 is due for release in 2025, before the federal election for the 48th parliament.

State of Australia 2022

The State of Australia 2022

In March 2022 ACFP released  our first report on the state of the nation,

The State of Australia 2022

Are we progressing towards a better Australia?

The report concludes that if Australians agree that the draft Vision for Australia Together describes the better Australia we might aspire to for ourselves and future generations, the answer to the above question in 2022 must be

No, we are not progressing towards a better Australia, we are traveling away from that preferred destination.


But we do have the means of reversing our current course of travel and we have full capacity to switch to safer paths – paths by which we the people can make the Vision for Australia Together a reality, providing a place of wellbeing and security for everyone.

Click here to download The State of Australia 2022

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The State of Australia in 2020

State of Australia 2020

The issues for Australia in 2020 to solve by 2050 or sooner

ACFP has identified at least twenty issues for Australia that must be solved by 2050 and preferably before 2035 if future generations are to be assured of a safer and more secure future. They are listed here, not in any particular order, although the first one is critical to the success of all the rest:

For more information, view ACFP's videocast series

The State of Australia in 2020

  1. Growing inequality

  2. Growing poverty, homelessness and hunger

  3. Loss of the fair go for all

  4. Growth in racial and religious conflict

  5. Indigenous exclusion

  6. An outmoded and failing Constitution

  7. Loss of rights, open governance and transparency

  8. Declining participation in democracy

  9. Unethical governance

  10. Fractious international relations 

  11. Corporate irresponsibility

  12. Economic decline

  13. Lost public ownership

  14. Inertia in transition to decarbonisation

  15. Environmental decline

  16. Climate policy failure

  17. Declining health and safety at home

  18. Declining educational attainment

  19. Declining quality of life and loss of social cohesion

  20. Declining wellbeing and happiness

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We have it in our power to create the world anew

Thomas Paine, 1776

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